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There are cool ones, and there are cute and rather slightly naughty pics too! =P :D :aww:


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And so far, I'm not all that sure about this.

One person complained about my older photos (possibly 2, but a few of the previous images were removed to make way for the Foreign con photos) being too much into the porn section to which I am not convinced with.

:iconlogan1309: , :iconbarefoot-panda: and others had said it best about these sorts to which can said about here -> Sick And tired of extreme foot fetish pplI'm not shy about having a foot fetish, no that not right... let's call it a foot interest. And I'll also admit that i was never attracted to boobs or anything else a "normal boy" is sexually attracted by. But you will never see me comment on a girl that is barefoot, in a way that is inappropriate, most times if I comment, it's usually critiquing how the picture is, like when some females choose a character that is barefoot, i like to see the character done right. it's kind of my OCD when saying something like that.
I am not the only ones who feel like this 
Look at :iconChristianPrime1-Bot: and :iconeverage: 's  journal's they all feel the same way 
So on behalf of all people who have "foot interest", I'm sorry for the idiots who say things  inappropriate to barefoot females, not all of us are like that.
Here are those journals entries that i was talking about

As :iconchiefjudge:had said: "I think the problem is that humanity (at least in the Western World) is shifting from reliance on intellect to reliance on instincts and emotions. Not like if majority haven't relied on the latter two before but this trend intensified in the last couple of decades. If we look at all this through the prism of market economy, we will see that it has a reason - it's much easier to appeal to emotions and instincts to form desires and evoke urge to fulfill them (i.e. to consume) to get satisfaction. In the process of growing up a human is being gradually inculcated that his instincts, desires, wishes are important, no need to resist them, just go and fulfill.  In this case such things as culture, morale, intellect and e.t.c. stuff make an obstacle because they allow us to evaluate something and make decisions based on it and thus need to be scrapped. A human begins to view everything around him as consumables at least to some extent (he may refuse to recognize it though), even if he is not really paying money right now.

How all this is related to our issue? A sexual instinct (and everything closely related to it) is a pretty ancient one and, in current circumstances, a very profitable one due to it's strength and difficulty to control. While moral barriers are being scrapped one after another for the sake of "individual freedom" it makes a step forward because it turned out that it's not indecent to show it anymore (well, some still think it is, but who cares really). Also because of tons of various contents stored in the Internet nowadays, it's pretty easy to get a fetish of some sort (you just need some strong emotional experience somehow related to the future object of your fetish) and continue to feed it. And that's why we get our comments - due to downgraded consciousness level it's not possible to fully understand the artistic value of the picture nor evaluate what comments are suitable or not (low level of politeness and morality). Instead desire satisfaction mode is activated and it's target is locked. And a comment just forcibly lets us to know about it. Such people understand something only through some painful experience like from a shock collar maybe (bad comment-shock, bad comment-shock, no more bad comments :D (Big Grin) )

So all in all: nothing decent is left, everything may and will be made vulgar by a pretty sizable group from now on.  It's possible to counter it though by warnings under each picture and a banhammer (or block-hammer in our case) but you just won't throw away that feeling that someone somewhere thinks about something nasty.  :( (Sad)

But I honestly believe that at least for now there are more people who appreciate the artistic side of your work more and I'm wrong (in that case all written above should be considered as an attempt to think using foreign language)" =p (Razz)

And it made feel sad there are those who think that these things are to be taken down.

Meanwhile, a viewer of mine, Denox who is into that "said form of art" is doing pretty much better than I would've imagined and is doing a fine good job of it too. And I'm happy for him too :o

So I keep wondering: Where is the "art" going to go if people still want to complain to take them all down with?

I ask this if this is going anywhere or not. :shrug:


You really wanna know?
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I'm just a fanartist, photographer, sound editor, cosplayer and a writer, mostly in a beginner's stage! :blush: But I like to cook sometimes as well. But I want to at least have fun and poke fun at certain bad comedy cartoons in the modern day. :D But there you go. :XD:

This Movie Best Disney Kiss by shadowleigh Got me to watch this series Stamp. Kamen Rider Series : W Cyclone Joker by DrDhoom

Tangled GIF by disneynumber1fan Maximus GIF by disneynumber1fan Kamen Rider Kick Stamp by JINZOKI

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Anti-Fanboy and Chum-Chum stamp by tigerbreath13

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Typo Kitten face by Lentertament
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"痛さは強さ! 非公認戦隊アキバレンジャー!"
"Pain is Strength! Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger!"

Lenny Henry by subliminaljay
the beatles by JediKaputski
ross noble by lankylad

Bad Comedy Cartoons Be Damned! We're Not Fuckin' Amused!

Super Hero Taisen Theme Revealed by gao-Accel

Kitten Kong Motivational by BrendanR85

"D-d-d-d-d-That's all, Fucks!"

Let's be chums now and have a good cuppa :tea: then! ^_^

Ankh's rape face by Aihara-Awayuki :iconsaysplz: You don't say....? :rofl:

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Favourite cartoon character: G1 Optimus Prime, Binchotan, barefooted fighting Girls (Ibuki, Makoto, Chae Lim ect).
Personal Quote: When There's Life, There's Hope..

What Death Note Character Are You?
What Death Note Character Are You?
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By Shaft, an anime about chris prime's adorable abilities, with some cute maids.


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